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Thread: Guitar going sharp for no reason?

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    Guitar going sharp for no reason?

    I have a new JP60 which plays great! The bridge is perfectly level with the body of the guitar and floats well and moves in both directions. Generally the tuning is pretty good after doing some whammy bar tricks. But lately I've noticed that after tuning the guitar and letting it sit for a few minutes, its just pulling sharp? *especially* on the low E/A/D strings they seem to be much sharper than the higher strings.

    Anyone have any ideas on what can alleviate this?

    For setup work, the bridge is balanced fine. I put big bends nut sauce on the saddle and a bit in the nut.

    Thanks for any help folks!

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    what kind and size of strings are you using?

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    Slinky's 10-46. The guitar was fitted for these by the shop before I purchased it. But it seems to pull sharp just sitting on the stand

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    The main reason strings change their 'tune' is because something moves. When temperature changes effect metal strings, the strings them selves move. You just have to figure out what's moving.... the strings, tuners, bridge, neck...???
    Balls are Best!!

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    Odd that it goes out of tune when nothing happens, so something happens, temperature/humidity changes, trem hitting something....

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