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Thread: LUKE fretboard issue

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    LUKE fretboard issue

    I'm new on this forum and happy to be part of the MM family finally!I have just purchased a 2007 Luke II. I'm experiencing a bit of "struggle" to get used to the low frets.
    I really dig the neck but since all of my guitars have higher frets I'm experiencing a bit of pain to my fingers and, more than that, I don't feel very "comfortable" while playing my solos.
    Higher frets are usually easier to work with and there's no contact between the wood and the fingers since the strings move directly between the frets.
    I really like the guitar but I'd also like to understand how the other Luke owners have faced this issue.
    I was thinking about changing my string gauge (from 10s to 9s) to compensate the extra work needed but I'm afraid it could not be a solution. Anyone experienced the same problem?

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    It took me a month or so to adjust and it's a non-issue now, actually like lower frets, better control. But yes, move to 9-42.

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    I’m sure you’ll adapt. As far as switching to 9s, that’ll depend on whether or not you want to lower the string tension. Which will make bending easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlbasscatcher View Post
    Iím sure youíll adapt. As far as switching to 9s, thatíll depend on whether or not you want to lower the string tension. Which will make bending easier.
    Thanks to both of you.I think I'll stick with the 10-46 gauge for the moment. I really dig how the guitar reacts to this particular string tension.

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    I had a Luke II and experienced the same problems. And no matter how hard I tried, I just could not adapt to these tiny frets. I felt uncomfortable and what bugged me even more was that I also experienced pain in my left hand after playing for an hour.
    Though I really loved the sound, I decided to part ways with that guitar. A refret was no option since I bought the guitar new and these are rather expensive here in Germany, as some of you may know.

    And here's the fun part of my story: About 18 months ago I went into a large music store where they had a Luke III in Starry Night finish. Since this was a special run for the EBMM Premiere Dealers Network, it had some specs different to the 'normal' L III's. The frets on the Starry Night L III are taller than the usual frets and are stainless steel. Fret wire (as I found out somewhere) is the same used on the Sting Ray Bass, while the neck size is more or less the same as on all Lukes (I, II and III).
    So out of curiosity I tried out the L III and what shall I say? The taller frets (to me) make all the difference, I had no problems bending the strings and felt 'at home' on that guitar instantly and on the next day went to the store and bought that guitar.
    So my advice to you would be: if you really dig that guitar, then have a qualified luthier install taller frets and you should not have any more problems.

    All the best, rock on!

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    I noticed it a bit, but I've also got a lot of used guitars that have had a fret dress or two, so it wasn't that hard to get used to. I mean, if you really like the sound, you could always get it refretted with something else.
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    I have an LIII not a II but it has fairly low frets. I certainly noticed it at first and still do sometimes, has a vintage vibe, reminds me of an old Fender Mustang I had. My bet is you'll get used to it, I have 9s on mine and it feels sublime.

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