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Thread: SBMM JP150 pickups upgrade question - Has it been done? Is it straight forward?

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    SBMM JP150 pickups upgrade question - Has it been done? Is it straight forward?


    Newly purchased SBMM JP150 (would have loved an EBMM but don't have that money).

    I'm very impressed with the quality, despite it being the affordable version, the far east workmanship is very good these days I know, and setup quality check in USA must account for a lot. Even the wood quality, I can tell when tuning, the vibrations are really clear, and that satisfying feeling as it so obviously goes in tune.

    The pickups sound good, but even so, I would like to upgrade to the EBMM equivalent, which are DiMarzio Illuminators I believe.


    My question is simply, is it a straight swap (screwdriver and soldering iron job), or is there routing or more involved.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Welcome! That's a beauty! Congrats! I've done other pick up swaps with SBMM guitars and all were complete drop-ins with no extra work required. I'd be extremely surprised if that weren't the case with yours too. In fact, I know Pete DuBaldo (an EBMM/SBMM dealer who frequents these boards) has done pickup swaps on a number of the 150's and I can't imagine he would have if anything other than a screw driver and soldering iron were needed. I'll bet he'll pop in and confirm that.
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    You will need to drill out the pickup mounting screw holes in the DiMarzio baseplates to accommodate the SBMM mounting screw. Aside from that it's a straight forward swap!
    Have you got G.A.S. for another EBMM???
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    Thanks so much for quick answers. I'll go ahead then.
    (Sorry Pete, I would have got you to do it if I'd been nearer, but that pond is rather big.)

    Am loving this guitar, the sound is already so good, but I'd like it to be the best it can be.

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