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Thread: Push/Push Gain Boost & scratchy tone pot fix - help

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    Push/Push Gain Boost & scratchy tone pot fix - help

    Hello Everyone,

    My new JP16 tone pot is producing a "scratchy" sound while rotating, and a slight "pop" when engaged. My Valentine tone pot has also become scratchy sounding. I bought a bottle of DeoxIt, but not sure exactly where I need to use it. I imagine the "pop" may be unavoidable- it's not that noticeable or distracting.

    I now have the push/push gain boost in five of my seven MusicMan guitars (but haven't put it to use). I was wondering how to best use it. On an overdriven sound it does produce a slight boost, but on a clean channel it's very noticeable (and loud). I'm just not sure how to use it or dial it in. Lately, I've thought maybe I'm missing something. Just curious.

    My amps produce plenty of gain (JP-2C, 5150 III 6L6 & EL34 50 watts, and Victory V30 MK II The Countess). So, maybe I don't really need it that much. I use the Fractal Audio FX8 MKII for FX. I realize the gain boost would be best straight into the amp, or maybe with an analog signal path in front of the amp. Thanks!

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    Ive got my boost set to about 12db, and i use it anytime i want to add gain to a tone. If amp is set to a blues tone the boost takes it to rock, if amp is set to rock the boost takes it to 80's metal, and if amp is set to 80's metal the boost takes it to shred levels of gain. My shred chops are pretty crap so i need a lot of gain to compensate for my weak finger tone, specially in the top 2 octaves.

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    With Deoxit, you spray a bit in an opening inside the pot casing. Then work the control back and forth like mad. That usually takes care of the issue.

    With the pop ... could be a bunch of things. Is it just the one guitar that makes this sound? Or does this happen with the others as well? (i.e. Is it a guitar issue, or a signal chain issue?)

    As for the boost ... when your tubes are pushed into distortion (once you're into overdriven tones), adding boost to the front end of your amp is going to result in more distortion, not more volume, since there's no more headroom left in the preamp. Whereas there's room to increase the volume when you're playing with a clean tone.

    There are lots of ways to use the boost. I do what mildew said ... I generally use it as a way to push a distorted sound a bit further, for solos. I have the onboard boost on my L3, but also generally use a boost pedal (set to a midrange boost) on my board do do the same thing. So i'll play on the OD channel of my amp, maybe with the volume backed off a bit. For solos I'll turn it up and add the boost.

    It's like having another gear when you need it.

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    Thank you for the replies! I put a little DeoxIt into the tone pot and it's much better. I'll try a second application. The mild "pop" I do hear on the other guitars, but it's not that noticeable. I could try some DeoxIt there too.

    I'll experiment with the boost and treat it as an OD pedal in front of crunch & hi gain tones, and avoid the clean channel. I was just confused if I should use it as an EP Booster, TS808, or volume boost. Thanks!

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    Deoxit is a must-have in my cabinet. It’s incredibly dusty where I live, so one spray in a pot can do wonders.

    It’s harmless to electronics, so feel free to use it while you are plugged in, that way you can hear areas that need work. You might be doing that already, but I wasn’t sure.

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    Out of curiousity - do you hear the pop if it's guitar -> amp? I'm wondering if something else in the signal chain is the issue. (Buffer, etc.)

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    my 2015 bfr luke has always done the mild pop when engaged. for scratchy, id try removing the knob and tightening the hex nut that connects to the pot. over time it gets loose, and the pot will actually turn with the volume ever so slightly. thats what was causing my scratchy pot.

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    Thanks! Everyone,

    I've experimented with the Gain Boost straight into my amps on the rhythm and lead channels. I'm getting great results and cool textures using the volume knob to tweak the response. I won't use it in line with the Fractal Audio FX8 because then I'd be driving the digital input into unwanted distortion.

    DeoxIt will take care of any "scratchy" noise or "pops." It's reduced it greatly with one application.

    I must say, I had originally passed on the JP16 during it's release (although I liked it aesthetically) due to the Floyd Rose. Then, recently when I decided to add a Floyd Rose equipped guitar to my collection to cover Vai and Satriani tunes (my non-locking vibrato bars would slip out of tune) I reconsidered the JP16. I've been floored by the tones and playability of this guitar! The JP Sonic Ecstasy pickups maybe his best, and for whatever reason this guitar feels more slinky than my other JP's (all equipped with .010s). Locking systems maybe a bit of a hassle, but this guitar stays in tune! Very happy!

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