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Thread: Opaque Black EVH Music Man

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    Opaque Black EVH Music Man

    Here is the Black guitar I was talking about, anybody have info on it, like production, numbers, value, ect. that would be great, talked to Joel, I believe he said it was completed July 12th 1992, and like I said I remember when my friend got it
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Opaque  Black EVH Music Man-screenshot_20190328-092119-jpg   Opaque  Black EVH Music Man-screenshot_20190328-092059-2-jpg   Opaque  Black EVH Music Man-screenshot_20190328-092053-2-jpg   Opaque  Black EVH Music Man-screenshot_20190328-092044-2-jpg   Opaque  Black EVH Music Man-screenshot_20190328-092033-2-jpg  

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    I just checked, I wrote it down it was actually completed July 21st 1992

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    Nice looking, sure looks like it could use a cleaning. Those string tree screws are all rusty.

    Don't remember seeing an EVH without a matching head stock.

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    Yeah you should see the case, like I said we stopped doing shows like, 15 years ago, and we had a little jam session at his sister's house, in the basement, (she has a pretty big, and nice place) everything was just set up, and that sort of fizzed out about 5-6 years ago, and I don't think it's even been out of the case since.

    Most of the time when we get together now we just play the acoustics that are laying around. So It's just sat down there in the basement, when I went over there to take these pics, my friend sat down at the drum kit, hit it for a sec and dust went flying

    like I said it's been heavily played, then put up. And that's how it came when bought new I don't know if the headstock gives it some extra rareness, but I remember it being bought. And that's the way it came.
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    The stat I've seen most often, is that there 16 made, another says 12. Did some have painted headstocks?

    Also an old Post on this site says the black ones were worth about 9000$, I believe that was a post from 2008, was looking for some more current info, and if anyone knew exactly how rare these black ones are, and if 16, or 12 is a more accurate number. These things I believe are important, valuable, and interesting, and value is an important detail in the information, for instance, how should you know what to insure the guitar for, if you don't know the value, and if the ones on eBay are nowhere near as rare, it's not exactly oranges to oranges.

    I read a pretty interesting article on how the guitar came about, but info is hard to come by.
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    Also I know the guitar is not in mint condition, but it's in pretty good shape, all things considered. It's seen a lot of action

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    Hey- as discussed in the earlier thread, there's really not much more people here can tell you.

    Customer Service might be able to tell you production #s (though they generally don't release that data). Places like eBay, Reverb, etc. will have historical data for sold EVHs which you can use as a benchmark. Or get it professionally appraised, which would be the thing to do if you really feel like you have something special.

    Reading between the lines, this thread comes pretty close to a for sale ad, so as per the forum rules, I'm going to close it. Good luck.

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