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    Hello everyone one. Maybe someone here can help me with this issue. I have a JP16 that has a feedback issue on any high gain amp at moderate to loud volumes it feedbacks uncontrollably. It defeats both of my gates (Horizon Devices Precision Drive and ISP Decimator Rack). People told me the pickups must be “microphonic” so I sent them to Dimarzio to be re-potted but they came back and the guitar still has the same issue. My JP6 does not have this problem. I have played it through my Kemper, Archon, VHT Pittbull, Sig:X, and Boogie Mark IV and it does it with all. The moment I stop playing it feedbacks in a high pitched tone. Is this common in this model? Is it the pickups or ported body? It’s unplayable in live settings. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Weird. If you've ruled out the pickups (and it would be odd for both to be microphonic), any chance the boost is engaged? It would add enough extra push to do that.

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    I just bought my JP16 and have no feedback issues playing though my JP-2C, EVH 5150 III 50watt, and Fractal Audio AX8. I love these pickups! Could it be a grounding issue? The wire in the control cavity of my guitar feeds into a screw hole to make contact. Maybe consider shipping it back for a factory repair if nobody local can fix it. I hope it works out! BTW: This guitar does not go out of tune!

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    No issues with my 16 going into my JP2C.

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