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Thread: What Strings

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    Paradigm on all my Guitars, nothing like them...
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    Ok, so I'm an admitted EB fan- beyond loving the company (I can't count the number of stories I've heard where they have gone above any beyond for people, not to mention when they've done that for me!), I'm a huge fan of their strings. I've basically used Slinkys since I started playing guitar, with a brief switch to another brand and back. They are innovating in some amazing ways (and always have).

    If you've spent any amount of time on this forum, you will have heard Big Poppa (Sterling Ball) thank god for the string business, because it's kept their instrument business alive. Without EB strings, there would be no Music Man as we know it, or forum that we're posting on.

    I'm not saying you should switch what brand of strings you're using, but I wanted to throw that out there.

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    I am addicted to EB Cobalts. In the past I've tried Elixirs (meh), D'Addarios including the NYXLs (not bad), Slinkies (what I used for years), but nowadays I always come back to the Cobalts. YMMV.
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    Hi Thanks for input I will try them all and give you feedback Thanks again Kev SHEFFIELD UK

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    I switched to the titanium reinforced coated slinkies a couple of years ago and have been happy. They last a long time compared to any other string I've tried. I tried and liked the cobalts too, but I preferred the slightly warmer tone of the coated slinkies. For what it's worth, I have never had a problem with strings breaking so Paradigms seem like overkill for me (haven't tried them) and I did not like elixirs.
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    Depends on the guitar. EB regular slinkies on most everything. Power slinkies on the PRS because of the shorter scale (which doesn't get much play time). Had nanowebs on my ASS and Silo for a bit. They were fine but felt a little stiff. The EBs just feel right.
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