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Thread: Neck pickup stopped working

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    Neck pickup stopped working

    Hi all,

    The neck pickup of my JP6 stopped working. I brought it to a repairman and he told me he couldn’t find any malfunctions but he reinforced the wiring and it was working afterwards in the shop. When I got home however, it was broken again so I brought it back to the shop. He reinforced the soldering again and made sure the neck pickup was working. It was working perfectly for a couple of hours but it suddenly stopped again. Did anyone ever have a similar problem? The other pickups are working just fine. What could be the issue?


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    My guess would be the toggle switch failing intermittently, but that's just a guess without having the guitar in from of me.

    I would recommend calling EBMM customer service tomorrow 866-823-2255
    Have you got G.A.S. for another EBMM???
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    Without seeing the guitar in person, it is difficult to diagnose. However, since the pickup is working intermittently, you probably don't have anything wrong with the pickup. We would guess that either the switch is starting to fail or a potentiometer is going bad. You also want to make sure the backplate isn't touching the switch once it's screwed down. You may have had a bad solder point, which was fixed by your repair tech. It is possible that the repair tech lifted some of the tabs on the switch and now the back plate may be touching one of the tabs. Hope this helps! Feel free to shoot us an email at if you have any questions.

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