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Thread: EBMM Axis - replacing volume knob with push/pull for spit coils

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    EBMM Axis - replacing volume knob with push/pull for spit coils

    I've wanted an Axis for 20 years and finally got it this week (Ahhhhhhh).

    When it came in I found that the both position 1 and 2 on the toggle give me both humbuckers and I'm unable to get just the bridge humbucker alone. Position 3 give me just the neck so thats wired properly.

    I'm going to get the toggle rewired and was thinking it might be worth replacing the volume knob with a push/pull knob so I can split my coils and get the single coil sound for more versatility. How has that worked for folks in the past, do these DiMarzios work well in single coil split? Am I sacrificing a high quality volume knob thats currently on there for a cheaper push pull simply for more function? Is there a potential downside to doing this that I'm not aware of?

    I love the idea of more versatility but don't want to do any "damage" to what I have. again, I waited 20 years so I'm super happy to have it but i was disappointed with the pickup toggle situation.


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    I dont see any potential downsides. A quality pot is a quality pot. If you buy a nice push pull pot of the same value that is in there you shouldn't see any noticeable difference...other than the added versatility from the push pull
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    Congrats on the guitar!

    Adding a push/pull is an easy mod. Those pickups sound good when split.

    It's your guitar, make it your own

    (And post some pics!)

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