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Thread: NGD EBMM Cutlass HSS RS in Vintage Turquoise

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    NGD EBMM Cutlass HSS RS in Vintage Turquoise

    I wrote a post a couple of months ago asking for advice and info on the Cutlass HSS, thanks to those of you who provided some feedback.

    I finally bought one last week, and I couldn't be happier. This thing is unreal. The neck is like nothing I've played before, and the wood looks unreal. The colour sparkles and shines in the light, and the pickups sound so so good.

    I've played numerous Strats, PRS's and Les Pauls in my time, but this is comfortably the best guitar I've ever played. It was so good I couldn't say no to buying it. Being in the UK it wasn't cheap, but it had to be done. Had to take some pics after my first proper play through on it!

    Over the moon to finally join the EBMM family, and I've got my guitar for life. This thing will be with me for a long long time to come.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails NGD EBMM Cutlass HSS RS in Vintage Turquoise-2019-05-11-11-10-04-1-jpg   NGD EBMM Cutlass HSS RS in Vintage Turquoise-2019-05-11-11-10-02-1-jpg   NGD EBMM Cutlass HSS RS in Vintage Turquoise-2019-05-11-11-10-07-1-jpg  
    Cutlass HSS RS in Vintage Turquoise (02/08/2019)

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    Congrats! It’s a beauty.
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    Fantastic!! Just beautiful!
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    Nice, congrats!!!! Looks awesome that neck is great!!!!

    Glenn |B)
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    What a looker!! Superb finish on it!

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    Welcome to the CoC (Cutlass Owners Club )

    Beautifully photographed for a stunning guitar. I’ve got the SSS version in the same colour.
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    LOVE that finish! ROCK!
    Balls are Best!!

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    Congrats! Looks great.

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    Great choice! I winner I say!! Welcome to the EBMM family!
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    That is killer!!!! Great choice, congrats!!
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    Congratulations, enjoy!!

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    Very nice! The neck is outstanding!!!

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    Very nice congrats, great color and goes well with the all roasted maple, almost pulled the trigger on one until something else caught my fancy.

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