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Thanks @Daniel! I was curious if the tone would likely be different between the two, in the bridge pickup position. Sounds like there will be some, which I was hoping for. I went ahead and ordered a used HSS Cutlass on Reverb and will be looking to add a Stingray soon. I tend to use the bridge pickup the most across all my guitars, single-coil or humbucker, so was curious.

I can't believe this will be Cutlass number two in less than 2 weeks. I've never bought two guitars this quickly. You guys at EB make amazing guitars.
Hi Weezerfan,
There is a pretty significant tone difference between the Cutlass and the Stingray RS. The mahogany body of the Stingray gives it a darker tone. We did release a new Cutlass Hunter Hayes guitar and a Dustin Kensrue Stingray, both with upgraded electronics that are awesome. You should check them out on our website:
Hunter Hayes | Guitars | Ernie Ball Music Man
Dustin Kensrue | Guitars | Ernie Ball Music Man