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Thread: 2013 MusicMan Axis AX30

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    2013 MusicMan Axis AX30

    Hello all,
    I am new to the forum and EB/MM family. i recently purchased a guitar from a local store here and japan and absolutely love it. I am currently wanting locking tuners for it and know that theyre M6-IND tuners but dont exactly know what that means and was hoping to get some knowledge from the people who knows these guitars best. i am looking on wamouths website and have stumbled upon a set that i think might work but would like some verification before i drop the cash. below is the link to tuners im looking at.

    Schaller M6 Locking Tuner, Left Side, Black.

    From what i understand, being new to the 4+2 set up, my guitar is RH. So i would need 4 RH tuners and 2 LH tuners correct? and with these, would my old pearl knobs fit on the new locking tuners??
    I know this is alot to ask, but thank you for your time reading this.

    2013 MusicMan Axis AX30-guitar-jpg
    2013 MusicMan Axis AX30-body-jpg
    2013 MusicMan Axis AX30-neck-jpg

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    i know this is a very late reply. You would need 4L+2R but I'm sure you figured it out by now.

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