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Thread: Need advice on my next EBMM [Please :)]

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    Need advice on my next EBMM [Please :)]

    Hi all -

    I'm eagerly waiting for my birthday and get myself my first ever professional guitar. I mostly listen and play metal, though trying to learn more blues and Jazz. I play an Ibanez Axion Label 7 strings.

    I want to get a 6 strings go-to guitar that is going to be very versatile.

    The Majesty seems to check all the boxes but I'm not a huge fan of the looks (and as much as I like JP, I think the DT logo and his name on headstock are too much). I played it and it is super comfortable.

    It seems like the next best thing for my needs would be the new Cutlass Jason Richardson but that seems to come only in 7 strings. Bummer. Love how it looks, the specs and the roasted maple neck is giving me shivers.

    Any model I'm missing? Any insights on other models that should come out this year that I'm missing (like a 6 strings version of the Jason Richardson guitar??)

    Thanks for any advice or thoughts!

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    Albert Lee HH.... covers all the bases with the 5-way switch and is super comfortable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by choref81 View Post
    Any model I'm missing?
    So ... almost every MM model is a 6 string. You have a lot to choose from

    What is it that you like about the Majesty over, say, a Morse, Luke, Silhouette, Albert Lee, Cutlass, Stingray, etc.?

    You say you're looking for versatility, but that means different things to different people. Do you like single coil sounds? Do you need an onboard boost? What kind of neck do you generally like?

    If you help us understand your preferences we can make some recommendations.

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    Thanks so much for the responses so far!

    So my favorite features about the majesty: First and foremost the punch and clarity of the humbuckers, especially for those chug chug riffs. Second is the neck....everything just feels super accessible. I prefer Rosewood or Ebony. I like relatively thin necks. 3rd - maple top sustain. The piezo and active boost are not a must for me.
    I also like the 24 frets for down tuning (though I see many EBMM 22 are 25.5" and can carry heavier gauge strings?)
    Obviously, when ready to drop $3-5k on a guitar, the looks matter to me (a lot). This is the only reason I have some issues with the majesty - the top horn and logos. Otherwise it's perfect. What I liked about the Jason Richardson is the burl top and black hardware.

    I think Cutlass would be my second choice but I never actually played one....

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    Have a serious look at the LIII. The Transition pickups are awesome and coupled with the onboard boost, the guitar is absolutely fantastic, feeling, looking and sounding.

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    Albert Lee HH, Luke III, Morse... are ultimately versatile tools!
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    If you want 24 frets, you've got the JP series or Silhouette. But those have vastly different necks.

    I tend to rate the neck as the most important aspect of the guitar, for playability. Given that you like the thinner necks, you're probably safer with something from the JP series.

    Since you don't like some of the cosmetics of the Majesty, what about something else from the JP series? Second-hand JP6s can be had all day at different price points (waaaay under $3-5k), with different colors, etc. Plus if you don't like it, you can probably flip it for what you paid.

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    Suggestion / buy a used JP6 / you will be amazed at how great they sound / ergonomically perfect and oh the speed !!!

    Good luck / you cant go wrong with EBMM / on my third in 2 years and wish I would have found out about these 20 years ago, id be an exponentially better player than I am now.. you will see.

    from there yo can pick out the majesty if you go that direction with having a pretty good idea of the excellence you will get

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    Sounds to me that you want a Majesty even with your cosmetic reservations or as others have stated look at other JP models

    Many choices, I think the new pink burst JP looks awesome and well it has a lot of the same things as all JP model do

    Good Luck

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    Thanks all! I will update you with my decision. As of now I have 2 thoughts:

    1. Just go with the Majesty. It seems like the perfect guitar. Not crazy about that horn but hey, I didn't like whiskey the first time I tried it either.

    2. Wait for the Jason Richardson Cutlass (are they really only making 100?). Even though it's 7 strings, on paper it seems exactly what I'm looking for. Then I'll switch my 7-string Ibanez with a different 6 string.

    Thanks again for all the advice!

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    Ok, so you're pretty good on what you want, which is good.

    Hopefully you can get your hands on the Jason Richardson Cutlass- sure looks cool.

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    If you are in the US hit me up with an email! I've got some Majesty models in stock and in transit and I'll also have some of the JR models when they are released in July.
    Have you got G.A.S. for another EBMM???
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    Quote Originally Posted by choref81 View Post
    I also like the 24 frets for down tuning (though I see many EBMM 22 are 25.5" and can carry heavier gauge strings?)
    Not many... almost all (except the Armada, if I remember correctly).

    +1 for the AL HH
    ASS BFR, AL HH, Silo

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