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Thread: NGD 2019 Majesty 7 Blue Honolulu

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    NGD 2019 Majesty 7 Blue Honolulu

    My new Majesty and first EBMM , was delivered and I had rehearsal last night . My band was floored as am I ...! Happy to be here .
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails NGD 2019 Majesty 7 Blue Honolulu-img_7785-1200x800-jpg   NGD 2019 Majesty 7 Blue Honolulu-img_7782-1500x1000-jpg   NGD 2019 Majesty 7 Blue Honolulu-img_7818-1200x800-2-jpg  

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    Nice! Congrats!

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    Very nice! Congrats and welcome to the forum.

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    Congrats and welcome!
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    Such a gorgeous color! How do those new pick ups sound?

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    Congratulations! That is stunning!

    And welcome to the forum family!
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    Fantastic entrance! That guitar looks awesome!
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    Very nice !!!

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    Congrats ! Pretty much a perfect tool.

    Only downside i discovered: After playing the Majesty every other guitar feels just inferior.

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    Stunning guitar! What a beauty. The matching shoes go well, too ;-)

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    Congrats very nice!!!

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    Beautiful. Congrats!

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    Really nice!!! Congrats and welcome!

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    Absolutely beautiful guitar. Congratulations on your purchase and enjoy!

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