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Thread: Passing down EBMM legacy to my students

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    Passing down EBMM legacy to my students

    I'd like to share with you my experience as a full time guitar teacher.

    I usually play my JP6 all the time in lessons, becuase it is so comfortable and fun to play, i sometimes teach for 9 hours straight, it is the best guitar i own for long sessions where i need to have something that wont kill my hands. If i have a shorter day I sometimes take my EBMM Armada

    whether it be beginners or advanced students and usually it is no particular thing i pay attention to, i just play the guitars.

    to make a long story short, under my nose and without any bias towards anything, i always recommend EBMM as the best guitars out there, and also the Sterling brand for beginners, just because i really believe in EBMM.

    i now have students that play

    1 Sterling JP-150
    2 Sterling S.U.B 150
    1 EBMM JP6
    1 EBMM Majesty Artisan

    and the most recent addition this week is for a student that really did well on our end of the year show and his dad went and bought him an EBMM JP15 Trans black.

    and theres gonna be another student that is gonna buy a Sterling Axis or SUB in the next few weeks.

    these are all students that are in their early teens, 11-14, and will probably play EBMM for life and I coulden't be happier because of it.

    I have a sense of patriotism towards the brand (I served in the military here and to tell you the truth, i feel more love for EBMM )

    keep on rocking Sterling ball, I will always have love towards your brand and will always recommend it ! these are the best guitars out there

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    Awesome post - love reading stuff like this
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    Balls are Best!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrapperJ View Post
    Awesome post - love reading stuff like this

    This is so cool.

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    Good to hear. I also recommend my students to try and purchase a EBMM product or something like a SBMM Majesty.
    Unfortunately Music Man products are rather expensive here in germany. So it's cool to hear that the parents of your students don't mind investing in something like a JP6.

    If my students can't quite afford a EBMM/SBMM guitar yet i make sure they at least play on EB Slinky's

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    Wow. That’s really cool!

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