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Thread: Need help identifying JP6 year/model

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    Need help identifying JP6 year/model

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here.
    I have the rare opportunity of getting a used EBMM JP6 pearl red burst for what I think is extremely cheap here in Europe (around 1000 USD). The question is, I'm trying to identify the year/batch by the seller pictures. I can tell it's an unloaded model (no matching headstock), but what about the pickups? Is there any way of telling if they are D-sonic/air norton or Crunch Lab/Liquifire (meaning the guitar would be from around 2009 instead of 2005)?
    And what about the bridge, tuners, etc, is it worth assuming they are good quality and all still work well after all these years? Because I wouldn't like to have any future troubles involving having to send the guitar to MM or paying a sh*tload for original parts etc, etc.
    Thank you for your help.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Need help identifying JP6 year/model-36665800_2240313206011104_7426763500128567296_n-jpg   Need help identifying JP6 year/model-36670678_2240313372677754_7788489382419234816_n-jpg   Need help identifying JP6 year/model-36659147_2240313446011080_6025307364977016832_n-jpg   Need help identifying JP6 year/model-36587798_2240313679344390_6591374201934839808_n-jpg   Need help identifying JP6 year/model-36589634_2240313592677732_3396893091855073280_n-jpg  

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    If you have the serial number you can ask EBMM. They will know everything.

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    JP12 Cherry Sugar G59225
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    Grab the serial number and pop it into the lookup tool over at Serial Number Database | Ernie Ball Music Man

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    Thanks, I'll do that!

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    I ended up getting it for a low, low price (at least in Europe)! 750 euros (roughly 800USD), hardcase included. It's a beauty

    Need help identifying JP6 year/model-whatsapp-image-2019-07-15-20-05-08-jpg

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