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Thread: Permission for new guitar but need "help" figuring out what I "need"

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    Permission for new guitar but need "help" figuring out what I "need"

    I love love the Luke neck! Have a BFR Luke 2 and a BFR luke III HH. Was thinking of getting a luke III HSS like the shadow gold or regualar bfr. I also have a les paul and a sweet 6lbs. USA ash Telecaster.

    I know I will like the luke but starting to think I should get a semi-hollow Axis, or maybe even a majesty? I dont usually get along with 24 frets and the drastic difference in neck to luke probably answers that question.

    Guess I am really torn between Shadow gold luke or Semi-hollow Axis. Of course open to other options if you think another might suit me better?
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    Picture of my balls just because I like showing them off.
    Blueberry Luke III HH BFR
    Bahama Luke 2 BFR
    Shadow gold luke III BFR

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    Sweet Lukes! The semi-hollow Axis SS has been dropped from the lineup, so to go that route, you’re looking at either used or NOS in dealer stock. You could certainly go with the HSS L3, as you mentioned. You could also look at a Cutlass, either SSS or HSS. The Cutlass neck is similar to the L3’s profile, with a recognizable but soft V shape to it.

    I’ve not spent any time with a Majesty, but my first EBMM was a JP-15. Those necks are very different from all of your current guitars that you mentioned, both in how thin they are and the much flatter radius of the fret board. I would certainly suggest playing one, if you haven’t already, for a long enough time to decide whether you think you can bond with it before thinking about ordering one. You may take to it right away, or you might not - personal preference thing, to be sure.

    Lots of fantastic options in the EBMM lineup. If part of what you love is the visible grain of the maple tops of your Luke’s, and you really want something like that, the regular Cutlass lineup may not satisfy you in that regard. That Shadow Gold L3 HSS is a striking finish, for sure.
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    I would say get a Cutlass for something different but with a neck that’s close to the Luke’s. Then again, everyone needs an Axis.

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    Just figured axis would be closest since they share the same size neck pocket.
    Blueberry Luke III HH BFR
    Bahama Luke 2 BFR
    Shadow gold luke III BFR

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    I switch between my Majesty, my Cutlass, my Luke and my Axis without any trouble. of each.😁 Seriously though, you can't go wrong with any of those choices.

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    The Semis are nice. I like all of my balls, but most of the time I grab my Semi MM90.
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    The axis sounds great

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    I own a Luke and an Axis. At risk of oversimplifying, the neck on the Luke feels significantly smaller than the one on the Axis, which feels quite similar, but in an improved way, to the neck of the Stratocasters I used to play before. Actually, I feel better playing the Axis than the Luke even though the Luke plays effortlessly.

    I never tried a Majesty but tried several guitars having such 17'' radius neck and they feel really different than either the Luke or Axis necks. Actually, my feel is that these flat/narrow neck require a different left hand position, with the thumb more on the back on the neck, than the one I am used to, with the thumb almost resting on the top of the fretboard.

    Even though I am satisfied with the Luke, the Axis is the guitar that I wish I had bought much earlier.
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    I would get a Cutlass as that will provide some good variation from the EMGs and humbuckers you already have.

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    Try the Axis SS / most comfortable and easy guitar I have ever played. It is my new go to !

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