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Thread: Newbie looking for info on my HD-130 Reverb

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    Newbie looking for info on my HD-130 Reverb

    Greetings! I picked up a 70's HD-130 Reverb 2x12 combo about a year ago. I have since moved to an apartment and so now it just sits so I should sell it to someone that can use it, but I don't know the value. The amp badge on the grill says "HD-130 Reverb" and I can only find information on the amps that have the "212-HD one-thirty" badge. They appear to be the same thing but I don't know the reason for different names.
    Does anyone know the reason for this or educated in the history?
    Forgive me if this is the wrong forum to post this question.
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    Found this article that seems to have quite a bit of info. Also a quick search on yielded a bunch that are for sale. Probably worth cruising through those to get a gist of the market value

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    Thanks for this! Good info

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    I found this blog years ago that has some other info on the old MM amp line:

    Welcome! | Music Man Amps

    Hope that helps; back years ago I had one of the 112RD-50 models. Take their info with a grain of salt because I know for a fact he site is WRONG when it says the RD-50 models ran from 1982-1984; they start in 1981 as I purchased mine in June 1981.

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    Thank you, this looks like it'll be a nice resource! There is some scanned Music Man catalogs from the 70's-early 80's on there but still cannot find any info on why my combo amp is called a "HD-130 Reverb" like the head units where... Maybe they just ran out of 212-HD 130 badges?

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    Maybe it was an early model and they changed the badge some time later?
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