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Thread: NGD Sorta.

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    NGD Sorta.

    I haven't been playing guitar for a while.
    For years actually.
    Lots of reasons why, which I won't go into here.
    But I've just started getting back into it.
    I decided to pick up a new guitar to help inspire me.
    I bought a used Silo Special a few weeks ago, and I really like it, but I don't love it.
    So I kept my eyes open and stumbled across a Steve Morse used, and a decent deal (for Canada).
    This was the model I really wanted. I thought I would be satisfied with the Silo, but it wasn't quite right.
    I talked the seller down a bit, and picked up the Morse on Saturday.
    I can't remember ever connecting with a guitar so quickly before.
    I love it.
    The feel.
    The tone.
    The looks.
    I love everything about it.
    It's more than I've ever shelled out for a guitar before, but I think it's worth it.
    I have a SUB 1 I bought years ago, and I still really like it, bit the Morse is on a whole different level.
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    When I play a Steve Morse guitar it is the last thing I will do that day. I just can not put it down.
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    I picked up a Morse a little while ago. I must admit that the pickup configuartion has always put me off in the past and stopped me from taking an interest. BUT, I tried one and could not put it down. It was such a revelation, I bought it straight away without even checking my bank budget first ... haha. It is now one of my Main Players. Everything about it flows and feels so good!

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    Very nice
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    nice one. it looks like it has a decent figuring on the headstock.
    Although I have a few guitars, the Morse is nearly always my go-to guitar. For playing at home and rehearsing I use all my guitars, but at a gig the Morse is the safest
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