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Thread: Problem with Music Man Majesty

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    Question Problem with Music Man Majesty

    Hello everyone, first post here. I have finally acquired along sought after guitar, Music Man Majesty 6 in Artic Dream finish. I bought the guitar used off Ebay earlier this year from the United States.

    Unfortunately there seem to be an issue with the guitar. Ever since I got it, the volume knob (mag vol) seems to be scratchy a bit, causes a light hum/buzz whenever touched and in the up position (knob up/boost activated) it seems to be causing more hum/noise/scratchiness. The volume always feels that it is not fully opened, I feel the volume is restrained, as if the knob isn't fully rotated. I manage to get more volume if I hold the knob and as if I am forcing it beyond 10 (if that makes sense) but very intermittent.

    I turned down the Mag Boost all the way off (from the back of the guitar) and I opened the cavity and visually inspected for any loose solder joints but couldn't see any, I must say though, the wiring is the most complicated I have ever seen!

    The guitar seems to be more on the trebly side, as it sounds harsh and ear piercing in an abnormal way. I managed to get the guitar set-up (not 100% satisfied, but that is for a different thread) and installed new batteries.

    So what shall I do to trouble shoot the issue? I am comfortable replacing pots and soldering but not sure where to start and how do I obtain new parts.

    Any-help will be highly appreciated.....

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    That's a really hard issue to diagnose remotely. I would definitely take a closer look at the pot and any potential grounding issues.

    Are you outside the US? You can always send it to MM for repair, though that might be costly if you are. You can always give them a call/email and get their advice.

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    Unfortunately I am far away from the US, hence I am trying to figure this one out without having to send it to MM.

    I will drop them an email, thanks for the advice.

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