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Thread: Recent RS necks compared to the necks from their first run

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    Recent RS necks compared to the necks from their first run

    Stopped off at GC the other day and checked out the Musicmans. I was surprised to see that every RS neck was not nearly as figured and flamed as the neck from my first run cutlass RS. Anyone else noticed this on the new ones? They seem much less luxurious .

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    Mine is quite plain too, but ya know they sound and feel the same - awesome!
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    It's usually the luck of the draw with the EBMM necks. I have a couple that are very plain jane and then I have a couple that the birds eye is out of this world on. They weren't planned it just ended up that way. Love em all.

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    Mine was a bit lighter and less figured than I expect but a the right angles it still looks very cool. With more makers using Roasted, I'm sure there's less of the good stuff available.

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    All time classics...

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    Just got a cutlass RS a couple months ago and it has the most roasted neck of all my MM’s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuietSpike View Post
    Just got a cutlass RS a couple months ago and it has the most roasted neck of all my MM’s.
    I suppose it's the luck of the draw then. I was selfishly hoping that the figuring on mine would render it more valuable down the line.

    I suppose it matters little, as I would never sell it anyways.

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    I noticed the exact same thing; insane flame on the early RS run, much more restrained now on average.

    I bought mine simply because of the neck figure; already had a plain maple Cutlass before that.

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    Yeah, I got a very early Valentine... June 2016... and mine isn't very flame-y at all. It's amazing... just nothing fancy to look at... which is just fine with me. So I guess it is just hit and miss. I've also seen some recent purchases in the forum that are really beautiful. So if the figuring is important....just keep an eye out for the pretty ones.

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