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    Morse Owners

    Morse owners, what kind of music do you play?
    The Morse (original) is super versatile, and can cop any style, I'm just curious what style you guys (and gals) tend to gravitate toward.
    I mostly play rock, blues, funk, and jazz, and it's been great for any style since I picked it up about a month ago.

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    Well that's a fairly large list of styles.

    I have not an original but an SM-Y2D that also has those tonal variations. I use it for rock blues, it's not quite as hot as say the Axii and certainly as much as the JP's, but it's good, and it's got great clarity even on high gain settings.
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    I'm mostly a rock player, but my band does a bit of funk, R&B, etc. as well.

    Mostly I'm playing a Y2D or Morse. While I find I can pick up any of my MMs without any issue (and I try to rotate them in at rehearsals, gigs), the Morses just work best for me for whatever reason.

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    I'm a hobbyist and play whatever floats by boat on that particular day . My BFR Morse although only an HH configuration can handle most all of it with proper amp/pedal settings and some volume knob tweaking. It's a masterpiece.
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    Rock here (whatever that means). I have several Morse standards and I'm always trying new pickups. I finally got my '88 to where I really like the pickups. I added a coil tap and it's crazy how many great sounds come out of that guitar. It's also the easiest to play, tune, keep in tune.....It's a real joy to own. It's really is like the Swiss Army knife of guitars.
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    I am mostly a rock/metal player, but branch out into other stuff as my mood changes.

    I really like the pickups/sounds and the neck is amazing, it's also weighted perfectly for me.

    I would easily say that it's the most "fun" guitar that I own and I always really enjoy playing it.

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    I'm using a Y2D in a funk band! Heh. Not that with the best Floyd Rose implementations I've ever seen it's really a stunt guitar.

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