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Thread: A Special Thankyou to Sterling ..........

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    O my...!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dizzy View Post
    Just wow. What an amazing gesture ... Because that's the sort of guy he is.
    Spot-on. He's an amazing guy.

    What a great story Dizzy! Very happy to hear your mom in in remission.

    Amazing all around.

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    There is always room for positive stories. Congratulations on your lovely acquisition.

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    Truly amazing. Stories like yours confirm again that EB is like a family.
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    Wow what a cool story. Nice one !

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    Awesome, awesome, and MORE awesome!! BP and the rest of the family/company never ceases to be the same..... amazing. \m/ \m/
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    Welcome back mate!

    Great guitar, even greater stories !

    Cheers from your froggy friend
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    Glad you guys all liked the story.
    It really is cool, and I'm humbled.

    Quote Originally Posted by beej View Post
    Spot-on. He's an amazing guy.

    What a great story Dizzy! Very happy to hear your mom in in remission.

    Amazing all around.
    Thanks Beej - it was awful news. It just rocked our family.
    Very lucky to still have her.

    Quote Originally Posted by threeminutesboy View Post
    Welcome back mate!

    Great guitar, even greater stories !

    Cheers from your froggy friend
    Hey mate, thanks heaps.
    It's nice to drop in

    Quote Originally Posted by PeteDuBaldo View Post
    Hi Dizzy, welcome back - great story!
    Hey Pete, thanks bud.

    Quote Originally Posted by GWDavis28 View Post
    Dizzy, great read man and awesome to hear things like this that's for sure.

    Congrats!!!!! Glenn |B)
    Hi mate - yep, too many bad stories around these days.
    These good ones should be out there for sure.

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeller View Post
    That is a very cool story and outcome! Great company!!! Cheers!
    Thanks Mike

    Quote Originally Posted by radrock View Post
    Epic levels of cool in this thread!
    Hey Rad, good to see you're still kicking on here
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    Nice Story, made my day!
    All the best from Germany

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    Good story on the Balls.The Big C is a b'stid of a disease.
    I have lost too many friends and relatives to it and know too many friends who are still fighting it.
    I hope your mum is still doing well.

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    Very Cool Dizzy, Very Very CooL!
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    very cool story!
    Heard some of them over the years. Everytime I´m glad, that I invested my money in such a company
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    Great story! Always nice to read such positive things. Thanks for sharing!
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    Welcome back Dizzy!

    As everyone's already said ..... great story! beautiful guitar! awesome company!
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    Dizzy, thanks for sharing your story, and guitar pictures. Sterling, thanks for being a great guy running a great company.
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