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Thread: Swapping pickups in EBMM Stingray Guitar (not bass)

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    Swapping pickups in EBMM Stingray Guitar (not bass)

    So I just picked up a 2017 Stingray (guitar, not a bass) for what I think is a great deal. This is a model with 2 humbuckers and the pickup switch on the opposite side of the volume and tone pots. I personally think the pickups need some more output for my playing style and was looking at replacing then with active EMGs.

    I notice that there is no battery compartment for the active pickups. I'm wondering if anyone has swapped the stock pickups with actives in this particular guitar and if so, where did you put the battery?

    If there's no way to do this then I may just go for a SD 59/JB pair or something.

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    There is no place to put a 9V battery. The pickup routes are tight and the control cavity doesn't have room. The switch cavity is tiny.

    There are several options for mods, but you probably won't like them.

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    The control cavity is deep but probably not deep enough to fit a battery in there. If you rewired the entire guitar and took out the stock EBMM circuit board setup, you might be able to squeeze one in there. Otherwise you'll have to route out a cavity in the back of the guitar, or underneath the pickguard (which is terrible for replacing the battery).

    If you went with Fishman pickups, I wonder if you could fit the rechargeable battery pack under the trem cover.

    The best route would be to route out and install a battery pack in the back of the guitar or go with your SD idea. The stingray is really great with aftermarket pickups, the stock pickups were a little too 'glassy' for me.

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    I wouldn't put EMG's in that thing. Just get some nice passive pickups, the Duncan setup you mentioned is classic, or get some high output BKP's if you really want a ton of output, Warpigs for example are 21k output which is nuts for a passive pickup.
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    There are people who have routed a battery box, I think Beej did it to his Morse. Do a quick search for battery+box, you should get some hits. Just remember those type of things can't be undone.

    Good luck, Glenn |B)
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    If it was me I would copy where the battery box is on the Kensrue
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    I've routed for battery boxes on a few guitars (my Morse and pink AL), it's not terribly difficult. (Also easy for a repair shop to do.) So I would say that's a first choice if you really want EMGs/actives.

    I also have batteries hidden in the cavities of several other guitars (for Silent Circuits). Not as convenient, but they don't require changing all that often.

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    Thanks for all the info everyone. I'm not going to start routing holes in the guitar for active pickups. Honestly, I was just trying to get away without soldering anything but if it's not a quick and easy swap then I likely won't do it. Maybe I'll stick with the Duncan idea and let my local shop do the installs.

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    you'll need to solder a few wires if you're replacing the pickups, even passive ones. You won't need to route any wood for some Duncans though.

    FYI the EBMMs have their pots soldered directly to a circuit board underneath the control panel. You may need to completely rewire the guitar if your shop isn't comfortable working with soldering on the circuit board

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    What are you trying to change about the sound of the Stingray? I think they are custom wound for that specific guitar, with the mahogany body.
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