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    SSS Mod

    So I have the itch to mod (again) and am not super happy about the blend of pickups currently in my SBMM Axis.

    I donít have a SSS in the arsenal, so this seems the logical landing place.

    Looking for recommendations for noiseless singles that yíall have had positive interactions with.
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    I've tried the DiMarzio Area singles. Very bright and clean, the brightest noise cancelling singles that Dimarzio make. I love the Area 58 which is the creamiest sounding of the bunch, the 67 is similar but more hi fi and little lower output, the 61 is louder and steelier. I've had plenty of opportunity to compare them to many non-noise-cancelling singles and they really sit nicely in the spectrum of single-coil-icity, except they are dead quiet.
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    Dimarzio Areas are great. I have an Injector in one of the Morses. Plenty of crunch and growl. Very quiet too.
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    There are so many good ones on the market these days. I've had most of the Bill Lawrence offerings, and a bunch of the Dimarzios as well.

    For the strat thing, prefer the Lawrence L200s, they're comparable to the Areas. I also have a few Dimarzio Cruisers (and a Tone Zone S) in an Albert Lee, they're sort of a single-meets-humbucker and are pretty cool too.

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