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Thread: Sterling JP150 Bridge Upgrades

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    Sterling JP150 Bridge Upgrades

    I am looking to upgrade my bridge. I am having some tuning stability issues. I will be replacing the nut with a Graptech black tusq xl this week. Iíll put new strings on her as well. I know for a fact that it will help. But while I am at it I want to get a new bridge because I am in upgrade mode. I recently replaced the pickups with Dimarzio Illuminators and the guitar sounds and plays like a dream. The resonance of the guitar is incredible so I want to keep it.

    My question is what bridge fits these guitars? I was looking at a Sophia 2:22, but it wonít fit since the bridge is recessed into the body. I have no clue as to where to begin looking. I just know I want quality. And I do plan on using this trem hard from time to time and I want it to stay in tune. Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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