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Thread: Replacement Neck for SBMM AX40?

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    Replacement Neck for SBMM AX40?


    I am the proud owner of a SBMM AX40 in Trans Gold. This guitar, while not worth a great deal of money, has a lot of sentimental value to me for various reasons.
    In recent years, the condition of the neck has deteriorated both on the fretboard and on the back of the neck to the point where I am becoming dissatisfied with how the guitar plays. If I can get hold of a replacement neck I believe that would improve the feel of the guitar considerably. I attempted to remove the grime on the back of the neck only to come to the realisation that it was not grime I was attempting to get rid of; It is actually a region of the finish which has eroded away after years of heavy use.
    I have considered refinishing the neck but there are other issues with the neck that would make a replacement neck worthwhile.
    It is because of these reasons I am asking: Is there any way at all I can get a replacement neck for my guitar that would fit correctly? Any kind of neck that fits will do.
    I have experience fixing guitars so installation of a potential replacement neck shall not be an issue.
    Thank you very much in advance for any advice.

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    Contact Sterling By MusicMan: Sterling by Music Man and ask if you could purchase a replacement neck.

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