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Thread: Nut Width Question

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    Nut Width Question

    Hello all!

    I have had my Valentine now for 3 years... love it. It's my sole electric and part of the family. I have over that time, come across many comments, reviews, etc that mention the narrow nut on most EBMM guitars(1 5/8). I know this was a vintage fender spec as well but most modern guitars are wider. I have no issue with it. I've found some chords are more difficult to finger properly with the tighter space but, since I play it every day, it's become natural. Probably makes my fingering more accurate in the process. I just don't know what the advantages are of the narrower nut.

    I was curious as to why EBMM has used, and continues to use this spec. I assume there is some reasoning behind it since they are such artist focused instruments... tools designed and built to be played above all else. I just have never come across any specific explanation... and was wondering if there was one.

    Thanks... hope everyone has a great day!

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    To the best of my knowledge (and please correct me with with more solid info if possible)...

    All Fender strats up to 1962, and most of them from '62 to at least the end of the 70's were 1 5/8" nut width. The same is true of Fender basses, G&L guitars basses, and Leo Fender-era Music Man guitars and basses.

    I'd also guess that Fender did not make wider nuts standard on their guitar models until the superstrat thing of the mid- to late-80s.

    Certainly, when yiou look the artists involved with early Ernie Ball Music Man, Albert Lee, Steve Morse, EVH, Steve Lukather, there is no reason to expect that they were not most familiar with that nut width. As all of their signature guitars were made to that specification, they clearly had a preference for it.
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    Thanks Dr Kev

    Yeah... Makes sense with the initial artists. But when the new ones come onboard, they’ve gotta be coming from guitars with more modern dimensions. Just wondered why they don’t spec differently. They seem very attached to the narrower nut, except on the JPs. Again... not a complaint. Just wondered if there is any particular reason or benefit.

    Thanks for the reply!

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