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Thread: EBMM Majesty Artisan Nero [Dissapointing]

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    EBMM Majesty Artisan Nero [Dissapointing]

    Hi everyone
    Just want to share my pain about my guitar Majesty Monarchy Artisan Nero
    I had 3 ebmm musicman john petrucci series before i got this majesty guitar... But like i said on the thread title... It really dissapointing, it's like.. it doesnt worth the money when you buy this guitar.
    The 1st time this guitar came to me... I really excited but then i realize, the guitar neck is not normal, and you cannot fix it by setting up the trust rod, so i send it back to the store where i bought it, and they said... Ebmm factory will recreate this guitar...
    I said ok, i'll wait
    Then finally its done, when its arrived i feel like, ok.. this is awesome
    But that feeling doesnt last long, because the guitar just "died"
    It happens when i'm tweaking my sound using fractal AX8, i contact the store and they said, send it back, so it sent for the 2nd time...
    After a while, they said they already fix it, and then i try it... Oh yes... Everything goes back to normal... But not for long....
    With no reason.. it's pickup was not working well, like usual, i contact the store and they said... Make a video about the problem and then send it back.
    I did and they finally change the pream for the 2nd time...
    Just a few weeks ago this guitar is changed and repaired and i'm so so so happy
    Because i finally can use this guitar on my perform...
    And just last night... On stage... It suddenly "dead"...
    The blue led on the battery case is on... I thought maybe the batteries runs out, i changed the batteries and its not working
    Reset and etc
    Still not working...
    I dont know why.. but the store where i bought this guitar said it maybe caused by electricity...
    Thats why i'm so dissapoint with this guitar....

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    Hi there- I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties. Why don't you contact MM directly and let them help you?

    You can email Daniel at customer service -

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    thanks for your info

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    Quote Originally Posted by silvanuskrisna View Post
    thanks for your info
    Hi Silvanuskrisna,
    I'm very sorry to hear that you've had issues with your Majesty. Shoot me an email at with your location and your guitar's serial number and we'll help you out.

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    i already sent an email... hope i can get help soon
    because i really love this guitar...
    but i havent "really enjoy" it

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    How clean is the power in your area? I would think the electronics in the Majesty may be more sensitive to power fluctuations and grounding issues than most normal guitars. Have you reset the guitar yet to see if you can get the correct lights to come on?

    Have you checked the battery voltage to make sure there is enough?
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