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Thread: Canít decide between a Silo Special and an Axis Super Sport

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    Canít decide between a Silo Special and an Axis Super Sport

    I have an OLP MM4 that I love. This has me gassing for a used silo Special.
    As I searched for one online, I came across a few Super Sports that caught my eye, as well.

    Now I’m not sure what to get.

    Pickup configs and body woods aside, how different to the necks feel on these.

    I’ve played both (models), but it’s been years (I can’t even remember how long it’s been).

    Advice? What do you think?

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    Silo has a slightly thicker neck--not much thicker, but noticeable if you switch between the two. Also, the ASS has an asymmetrical neck, so the feel is different. I had both and liked the Silo, but I settled on the Axis because I loved the neck (and the pickups).
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    I’ve never compared Silo and ASS necks side-by-side but the silo neck is slim in the grand scheme of things. Both my Silo Special and my Cutlass measure (IIRC) 0.80” at the nut and 0.90” at the 12th fret, similar or a hair slimmer than, say, modern strat necks.
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    I almost exclusively play Sports or Super Sports, but until recently also had a Silo Special. To me, the most obviously "feelable" difference was not thickness of the necks, but the width. Silo Spec necks are wider than Axis, AS or ASS necks.
    Also the vibe of the guitars is different. I think the Axis/As or ASS breathe rock and heavier styles, whereas the Silo Spec is more of a traditional style allround guitar. You might play rock and heavier styles, but will easily cover a wider range of styles such as Funk, Fusion, Jazz, whatever.
    That is not to say, that you won't be able to play different styles, but it's just what the guitars "convey", at least for me.
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