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Thread: Majesty knobs - how centered are yours?

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    Majesty knobs - how centered are yours?

    Hi, I received this new Majesty last week (replacement for a neck crack issue). I couldn't help but notice that the knobs are not centered in the body holes. I do not remember this on my original Majesty and looking at old photos of my first Majesty they appeared centered no matter what angle the photo is taken from.

    Anyway, please take a look at these photos....are the knobs on other Majesty's so out of center? I thought I would get used to it but I'm finding I cannot.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Majesty knobs - how centered are yours?-16d70d3e-1112-41a1-8e6d-355b572c612c-jpeg   Majesty knobs - how centered are yours?-5a343c27-67a5-4907-a902-f681a88104fa-jpeg  

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    Contact EBMM CS and let them know.

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    Just curious what other Majesties out in the wild looked like. If this is an oddball guitar, I'll contact them. Not sure it can be fixed anyway. The PU selector position is OK.

    So, bonus question: does anyone know if the knobs' position can be adjusted (without affecting the PU selector)?

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    Mine seem pretty well centered
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mace13 View Post
    So, bonus question: does anyone know if the knobs' position can be adjusted (without affecting the PU selector)?
    Probably yes. The knob parts are screwed in some way inside the eletronics cavity, if you unscrew them you can make slight changes in position. Just open the back cavity and take a look.

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    It can be adjusted easily. Remove the knobs and unscrew the fixation of the potis a bit and then recenter the pins.
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    Mine was pretty centered. I'm pretty picky about these things. I'm no sure if it can be moved though as I don't have my guitar (on its way back to MM). Let us know if they can be adjusted

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    Mine are sort of similar to yours, not 100% centered.

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    OP here. I took off the back plate and noticed 4 screws holding the main board to the body. I loosened the screws and could ever so slightly position the circuit board. I then *gently* pulled a knob towards center while tightening a mounting screw, then repeated a couple times. Gently! (can't overemphasize this!, keep in mind when putting pressure on a knob on from the front it is just a solder joint holding it in place!) After the knobs were pretty much all centered, I tightened all 4 screws in a zig-zag pattern, only tightening each one a bit and going around repeatedly until all were tight. If you just tighten one to max then it may pull the board back off center.

    As a bonus, the metal piezo tone screws (v2 electronics) are also more centered below the back plate. I noticed those were uncentered the day I got the guitar also. I adjusted the piezo tone right away. I also noticed the uncentered tone knobs right away. But I didn't put 2+2 together that the front knobs and piezo tone screws were related but they are all on the same board.

    When I have more time I may remove the circuit board and slightly (ever so slightly) bend the mounting brackets to better position the board to a more centered default position. But for now, the knobs are almost perfectly centered, so I may be over noticing them.

    Anyway, glad there was an easy adjustment. I'm good to go!

    Note to EBMM: add this to your control plan, check for knobs being centered. Your customers love you but we are a finicky bunch of folks.
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    Nicely done!

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    Could have always shifted during shipping, but it's good to know you were able to resolve the issue. Un-centered knobs would have bothered the heck out of me, because I'm completely obsessive about instrument appearance, unfortunately.
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    My 2018 Majesty knobs aren't perfectly centered either.
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