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Thread: Majesty dead

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    Unhappy Majesty dead

    Hi, my majesty 7 string guitar is dead. No sound, no led at the rear. Today I began to notice that, first of all, I was "locking" the pickup, so that when I hit the switch the magnetic pickups not change. Also, for the piezzo. I unplugged and when I plugged in, it returned to normal for a short time. I put in new duracell batteries, then the led turned solid blue without sound. I took out the batteries and went to play with another guitar. A feel time latter, nothing works anymore. I did a little tutorial here in the forum page, but I was unsuccessful. I'm in Brazil. I bought it on vacation. Unfortunately, I am very disappointed. I have several expensive guitars (ibanez jem, fender american, gibson, EVH, Taylor, etc.), but never had serious problems with them. This was the most expensive and I get this result. Sad to have purchased this product. Almost $2500. I'm afraid it is no longer under warranty.

    Has anyone had the same problem and found a solution?

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    Have you tried contacting customer service?

    (Try Daniel at, or see the link in my signature.)

    Though your guitar isn't under warranty, they can still help you diagnose the issue. That's what they're there for.

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    So, you've already tried a new battery and a system reset? From another thread:

    "If you are using alkaline let's try a reset. Plug a cable into the guitar. Remove the batteries. Leave the cable plugged in and the batteries out for 10 minutes. Reinstall batteries. Leave cable plugged in and you should get output."

    The majesty guitar is FAR more technologically advanced than the other guitars you have, which are standard hard wired examples. The majesty has electronic switching, and if you are using a battery with degraded voltage or current capabilities, it may not function correctly.
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    Google "Majesty passive mod" for my thread on getting my Majesty going again after the electronics failed out of warranty.

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    Rather than continuously encouraging people to gut their Majesties, how about we encourage people to contact customer support and get them fixed

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    Yes contact customer support -- my guess is that the battery department was pushed in too deep -- happened with me Sun evening at a gig, I was scratching my head why my Luke II's neck pickup was loud and the humbucker close to quiet. I had to open up the battery department and close it back in more gently and then it worked fine.

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    Its really stressful and upsetting when a guitar as expensive as a Majesty becomes unusable due to the electronics failing. Not a week goes by without a new "my Majesty has died" post on this forum, and im just letting people know that there are more options than throwing the guitar away or paying a large sum for an out of warranty repair.

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    Most of the Majesty support threads here aren't the result of electronics failing and have been successfully resolved (battery issues, resets, etc.). Music Man's customer support is there to help people and we encourage people to contact them first. (And really, why wouldn't you? They have the best shot at diagnosing issues.)

    Obviously people can do what they want with their guitars (I've torn my Steve Morse apart so many times I've lost count). If someone doesn't want to spend the money on an out-of-warranty repair, that's their prerogative. But for folks looking for advice to get their guitars working and don't want to kill the resale value of their expensive guitar, I'm not sure blindly suggesting that they tear everything out and rewire it to be passive is a great help.

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    I guess part of it is that while i liked my Majesty stock, having now rewired it passive with a SHO booster preamping the piezo - im quite besotted with it. Selling off my other dual humbucker guitars! Neck and fretwork are more playable than any of my other guitars, and the Majesty design is so ergonomic. Anyway, ill stop posting search terms for my Majesty passiving thread from now on

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