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Thread: Majesty output to 2 different inputs

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    Majesty output to 2 different inputs

    Now that I have an Axe Fx3, I'm exploring what I need to connect my Majesty to 2 different inputs on the Axe. I want to create a preset where one input is fed by the magnetic pickups and the other from the piezo. I know I need a TRS cable, but what does the TRS cable plug into that splits the two signals to the different inputs?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Easiest would probably be to buy a TRS cable that splits into two TS (mono) cables at one end. They're generally called "insert cables".

    You can also get a splitter box that splits a TRS input into 2 x TS outputs. (Pete Dubaldo here makes a neat one.) You'd need three cables.

    Or you can use two regular TS cables, one from each output.

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    Check Dubaldo, the use to have the splitter boxes.

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