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Thread: Majesty Monarchy 7 string - Help me love it

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    Majesty Monarchy 7 string - Help me love it

    Hi All,

    So I've got a two-year old 7 String Majesty Monarchy in Imperial Blue that, in all honesty, I'm not totally in love with. I chose a 7 string for something different (I have enough 6 string guitars already) and at first I loved it. But once the initial newness wore off, I found myself just taking the batteries out and putting it back in the case. Many times since then, I've really given this guitar some serious attempts to like it - I take it out, tune it up, play it for about an hour, etc but it always winds up just going right back in the case for several months before I touch it again.

    I've had a hard time trying to exactly figure out what turns me off, but I believe it's these key issues:

    - I have fairly large hands, so from a comfort standpoint the extra neck width isn't really a concern. But I just can't seem to get used to that extra string: I frequently hit it accidentally, I turn the wrong tuning pegs, I have a harder time visualizing scales, etc. It drives me nuts. I also feel like that by having that low B String that I am more "obligated" (for lack of better wording) to center around the low B tones, etc.

    - Metal sounds are generally better than cleans, though even with metal tones it's not quite as clear and articulate as I would like it to be. Other than trying a different brand of strings (I have EB Slinkys on it now), is there anything else I can to do improve the sound? Cable quality and type of amp (I use a Kemper Profiler and Mark V) should not be a factor.

    - Cleans also seem to be far weaker on this guitar, yet I have been experiencing some minor clipping issues (not in a good way) on my Kemper Profiler. I notice the that plugging it into a clean setting on a Mark V also is not as clean as where I expected it to be compared to similar guitars (one even with the same Petrucci pickups in it). Is this normal? I always use brand new Energizer batteries when playing.

    I'm fully willing to accept that, at this point, maybe it's just not for me and it's time to put it up for sale. But since I've gone through this process several times now, I'm seeing what advice any 7 string users out there might have. I'm also going to try changing the strings to a different brand, but after that I pretty much give up.

    Thanks to all who respond.
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    About 10 years ago I bought my first 7-string guitar, which was an Ibanez Universe. Your frustration vivid reminded me of mine: turning the wrong tuning pegs, confusing scales, hitting the low B, getting lost with the D and the A strings.

    Regarding the string confusion, I realized that the problem is that we reference the strings from the edge of the fretboard. For example: to find the G, we count 3 from the high E, to find the A, we count 2 from the low E. So, if we have a new string above the low E, our brain will confuse everything. That's why we still play fine the high strings on a 7-string guitar.

    The solution to that is just practice, until our brain is rewired. In my case, I was forming a Dream Theater cover band, so I was highly motivated, and I kept trying until I could play (very) decently. So, of you don't have a motivation, it will be hard to carry on, indeed.

    As for the tones, I really, really like the Majesty. Particularly, I love the clean coil-tapped middle. Maybe the current tones of your guitars are so different from the Majesty, that you'll need to program new patches from scratch. It happened to me when I bought my PRS: I had to build new patches from zero, because everything sounded awful, the PRS was totally different from my other guitars. In the end, if you still don't like the tones, well, you still have the option to change the pickups, or give up the guitar completely... patience, life goes on.

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    Its possible that a 7 string just isn't your thing. I've tried on 2 occasions to really get into it but despite playing a lot of metal, it's just not what I enjoy or feel comfortable with. I almost never need the range that low (B and lower) and am quite comfortable using a 6 string in drop C, C or D standard.

    I sympathize with the trouble picturing the scales, I play in a band that played in drop C and it took me awhile to come to grips with that one string being a whole tone off.

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    I have a JP70 that very rarely sees the outside of its gig bag because I'm just not a 7-string guy. That could be the case for you. As Vadauco said, it requires rewiring your brain a little bit, and that only comes with time. My brain, unfortunately, is inadequately wired even for a six-string.
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    Thanks guys, I appreciate the input and honesty. I'll change out the strings and see how it goes.
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