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Thread: setup question

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    setup question

    Hey all, I just picked up a Stingray to keep my Cutlass company. I can't get it to play as easy as the Cutlass, though. There's something about the Cutlass neck that just seems effortless, a sweet spot at every fret -- but the Stingray feels like I'm fighting it, having to use a lot more force to hit the note cleanly, and I have to get the strings higher for the note to sound right. Both are running Super Slinkys with the trem decked and 5 springs. Neither one of them seems to have any relief in the neck but the Cutlass plays beautifully without it. Thoughts?

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    Is your StingRay new (are you the first user)? If so, it came with a 10-46 set (RPS 10 Slinkys #2240); note that the Cutlass comes with a 9-46 hybrid set (M-Steel Hybrid Slinky #2922). If so, and you put Super Slinkys on (9-42) you dropped a lot of tension off the neck and you have less relief than when it left the factory. Adding a tad more relief may be what you need.

    What you seem to be describing is fret buzz; what frets does it happen at (below a certain fret/above)?

    Note that I only got into the EBMM world a couple months ago when I ended up with a used StingRay, which will probably end up with me buying a new StingRay or Cutlass at some point (this thing is amazing). The one I have needed a 1/4 degree neck shim to get the saddles to where I was happy with them (they were bottoming out with action too high for me before), but I've managed to get the bass side down to 4/64" and the treble side down to 3/64" cleanly. Do you have a gauge to see how low you got it?

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    OK, think I got it -- dialed in a bit more relief & was able to lower the strings to a comfortable place without fret buzz. Plays well at this point. Need to a/b this one with the Cutlass a few more times -- the Cutlass being the most comfortable neck / easiest playing guitar I've ever touched. Yay for Music Man.

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    Sometimes you just find a guitar that fits you like a glove. Hard to reproduce.

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    Yeah, just picked up the Cutlass and fell in love all over again. I'll keep working on the Stingray -- it's getting closer -- but holy moly what a guitar that Cutlass is.

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    That is awesome

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