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Thread: Music Man Majesty Sound Issues

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    Music Man Majesty Sound Issues

    I had an issue while recording with my Music Man Majesty 7 string (Arctic Dream), for some reason the sound abruptly stopped while playing it. Only if I unplug the cable, plug it back in and hold down the piezo volume knob I have sound until I let it off. I already tried the 10 second hold, changed batteries and all that stuff and only have sound if I hold the piezo knob. I donít know what to do anymore. I bought the guitar in June 2018 from Sweetwater while in US, Iím currently living in Brazil and already contacted a local dealer (Royal Music) who told me that cannot do anything unless Ernie Ball send them instructions. Already sent en email to EBMM Customer Service but so far no response at all!

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    Sorry to hear you're having issues - give Customer Service some time; they'll get back to you and sort you out

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    I'm experiencing something like this, on my 6 strings when i plug the cable sometimes the sound starts to run into the amp and then suddenly become mute, so i try to move the switcher or piezo, everything is ok, so i remove the cable from the guitar and put it again in and the sound appears again.
    Sometimes I have "down" issue that i cannot troubleshoot, the batteries run out fast also if i don't use the guitar a lot...
    I don't know, sometimes i think something is wrong with the guitar input "female" jack...can't tell...
    anyway this is not normal, i plug a 12 years old schecter with active pickup, the battery is never-ending and I never experienced a problem of "no sound"....

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