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Thread: Illuminators vs Dreamcatcher/RainMaker

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    Illuminators vs Dreamcatcher/RainMaker

    As the title says, looking for anybody who has directly compared both. Have the Illuminators in my JP15 & Majesty 7, and really like them. I acquired a new Ibby w/ BKP's (and double locking trem) and hate those pickups. Was fully planning on swapping to Illuminators until I heard about the new set.

    Concerned about the lower output vs the Illuminators, especially on a guitar that is known for sounding "thin" if you will due to the tremolo.

    Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

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    I've had 2 guitars with Illuminators and currently have a Majesty 2019 with the Dreamcatcher/Rain Maker. I prefer the Dreamcatcher/Rain Maker combo by a lot. To me, the Illuminators had too much presence/high end. The dream catcher is reasonably high output and a fairly balanced tone across BMT. The Rain Maker is lower output but not terribly so, I run it through a Mark V 25 with an RC booster and it just sings. The low mid range on both make them feel much fuller to me than the Illuminators.

    tl:dr they're both JP pickups, if you like his sound you will probably be happy with either. Illuminators seem to accent more high, DC/RM more balanced low-mid focused.

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    I compared the Illuminators to the Crunch Lab + LiquiFire combo. The Illuminators have less output, and more attack/brightness. If that's a trend for JP, since the Dreamcatcher + Rainmaker have even less output, then I'd bet the Dreamcatcher + Rainmaker have more attack/brightness too.

    Personally, I think the Illuminators sound better for cleans, whereas the Crunch Lab + LiquiFire sound better for high-gain stuff.

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