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Thread: Pointlessly positive thread

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    Pointlessly positive thread

    This will not come as news to anybody here, I suppose, but I played my MM Cutlass on a gig last night and it sounded great. Playing blues & R&B with a 7-piece band, horn section, a room where we had to play quiet, and the Cutlass stayed in the mix all through the night -- the treble bleed worked wonders. Marshall Origin 20 with a Cali76 compressor in front of it, clean, quiet and present at lower / backing volumes and then a bit of natural amp drive when you crank it for solos.

    I love this guitar. Everybody in the band loves this guitar, even the other guitar player who is a hidebound traditionalist and Fender guy. Fun night.

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    SSS or HSS?

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    That's awesome. It's a great feeling to play such a great guitar! I'm genuinely excited for you!

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    Balls are Best!!

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    My own positive note ... I had two gigs this week (outdoor corporate event and a bar gig). Used my old Morse (with Transition humbuckers in it) for both. It sounded amazing and I loved every minute of playing that guitar.

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    Lately I seem to be alternating between loving the Cutlass and feeling guilty that the Silhouette Special gets no time, then loving the Silhouette Special all over again and feeling bad for the Cutlass. Sometimes I just look across the room at them hanging on the wall and think "Damn, they look awesome!".
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    I’m just a hobby level player, and play mostly through a Princeton. I switch of mostly between a g&l and an am strat and my bfr jp6.

    The bfr jp6 is such a drastically different quality guitar it is unreal. I can plug right in with any settings I have left in place from the other guitars and find what I am looking for on the jp6! So much more comfortable and smooth

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    Isn't it amazing how the with the tonal range we all seem to be able to get out of our EBMM's, combined with the ergonomic playability of them, that it can be such a confidence booster and very much lower the stress levels in any live situations... at least for me. I really would be 10x the player I am now had I discovered EBMM years ago. Keep making GREAT works of art we can play !!

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