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Thread: Changing strings on Ernie Ball Majesty

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    Exclamation Changing strings on Ernie Ball Majesty


    I am trying to change the strings on my Ernie Ball Majesty from 7's (the Billy Gibbons strings) to 9's. The guitar originally came from the factory with 10's, but I had it set up at Guitar Center with lighter gauge strings, so this is my first time doing this myself.

    Since the new strings are heavier, the bridge has dipped forward. As recommended, I am trying to adjust the claw screw to get the bridge level with the body. However, there claws screws on the back are basically in as far in as they will go, so I am at a bit of a loss here.

    Any suggestions? It is worth nothing that the guitar also does have 3 springs attached on the back.

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    If the claw springs are tightened all the way in you will need to add a spring.

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    How do I add the spring? Do the strings need to be de-tuned before I try that? (Sorry, new to all of this.)
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    Just hook the loop on the claw, stretch it over and stick the other end in the hole of the trem block.

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    Will probably have to loosen the claw after adding spring.
    1. Loosen claw if trem is to far back, tighten if it’s to far up.
    2. Retune.
    3. Look to see if trem is sitting where you want it.
    Repeat steps 1 - 3 until it’s level. Easy Peasy.

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