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If you watch a video of Steve playing, he will switch pickups in mid solo to get the best sound in different areas of the fretboard. He loves the neck pickup for mid and high range solo stuff, but the harmonics from the bridge pickup are great in the lower range.

Music Man Steve Morse Signature Guitar Demo - Sweetwater Sound - YouTube
Tell me about it! I watched a live video with orchestra with DP, and I noticed something more during the When a Blind Man Cries solo. As you said, he plays on the high registered purely on the neck pup, and at the bridge pup for low registers, but uses both pups for the mid, maybe between the first B position on the 7th fret to the 15th. Mixed with the volume and attack he uses, he basically reconfigures the instrument for every passage he plays almost. I think this is why he put this combination of both hums on position 4 of the Y2D, because he does use it quite frequently. Very very smart playing.