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Thread: I Don't Even Know Who I Am Anymore

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    I Don't Even Know Who I Am Anymore

    Ahem. I guess some of you might know me from THE REAL FORUM aka The Bass Side, where I hang out and do the moderator gig. Some of you may even know that I actually play bass and have a veritable herd of Music Man basses, including a Bongo or two. For years, I refused to even acknowledge that there even WAS a guitar forum, but I guess thatís all over now.

    Iím a little ashamed to be over here, really.

    Nonetheless, while I donít mind buying relatively expensive basses, I have always kind of cheaped out on guitars becauseÖ.I guess I didnít care very much. A MIM Strat was fine with me because they donít cost much and they do sound a lot like a guitar most of the time. Also, I am not really much of a guitar player (some might say the same about my bass playing) but I have to keep them around because I have a little studio (ďThe Scream ParlourĒ) where I write and record my ideas of what music should sound like. I always prefer that a real guitar player do the guitar parts but sometimes none are available or they want to use that danged Yngsteen Walware tone and I can't do that, so I end up playing mostly rhythm parts myself. Mostly.

    This can be upsetting to some people, but I canít seem to stop.

    This year has seen some changes in my life and theyíre not all centered around womenís underwear. But letís not get into that. Letís just say that I had some instruments (mostly not EBMM) that were not being played and some had been sitting in cases in The Bass Closet for a very long time. I decided to see if I could turn 3 or 4 of these into money and get myself some decent instruments aside from my fabulous basses. This worked out reasonably well.

    So this year, I got myself a Taylor 614 and that solved every issue Iíve ever had with acoustic guitars, much to the chagrin of my 70s-era Yamaha. ďTake that, you ugly creatureĒ, I said, and the pickguard promptly fell off.

    But electric guitarsÖ..well, the MIM Strat was workable and somehow I also ended up with a Telecaster, too, which I guess is the law here in Texas. But I wasnít entirely happy with either of those.
    Based almost entirely on availability according to Dargin, I finally spent some actual money and got myself a Valentine. It is now Ė to me, at least Ė about 6 hours old. This is absolutely the finest electric guitar Iíve ever experienced. I have a photo so you can see it Ė itís all baby blue and pretty fine. I know you boys like your Lukes (this was tempting) and your Albert Lees and I first thought I wanted an AL but Iím satisfied, to say the very least, with this Valentine (BFR). Are many of you playing these or all you all too metal-headed over here?

    If you havenít tried one, you need to remedy this situation. I am still figuring out why the knobs go not only around and around but also UP AND DOWN, which is absolutely cool but confusing for a man who puts flatwounds on all of his basses. I promise to not put flatwounds on the guitar, though, so donít send me hate mail.

    Iím really looking forward to using this on some recordings! But I fear that the 20 or so tunes I have Ďfinishedí for the upcoming BOVINEHOST solo record may have to have all the guitar parts replaced.

    Anyway, get a Valentine, eh?


    I Don't Even Know Who I Am Anymore-valentine-jpg

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    Dear Jack,

    Welcome to the skinny string side of life. That guitar is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!
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    Congratulations, enjoy!!

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    Gorgeous axe!!! Congratulations!!!

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    Awesome guitar, and most importantly welcome to the "dark side" of the forums were glad to have you.

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    Hi Jack! I can say that because we aren't on an airplane.

    Congrats on the Valentine, those guitars always impress me!
    Have you got G.A.S. for another EBMM???
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    Congrats! Enjoy your time bonding with your new mistress.
    But be aware, it won't be long before you'll be looking for other volunteers to turn into money, because just like the basses, you can't have just one EBMM gittar...
    Balls are Best!!

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    Enjoyed the post - you'll love that Valentine (which is gorgeous, btw). My Valentines have suffered some neglect of late, ever since I received my first S-type guitar (the Hunter Hayes Cutlass) but I do love the tones and feel of the Valentine. I could get by in life with only that neck pickup if I had to.

    Do make sure you get the film off the pickup covers...
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    Awesome post Jack!!! And welcome to the good side.
    Congrats on your Valentine. It's a beauty.
    lol@ women's underwear.
    "If you bend a string and you don't make a face; it's like eating food without tasting it." - Paul Gilbert

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    Welcome and Congrats on such an inspiring guitar !!!!

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    WOW Jack, congrats man, that's a great looking Valentine!!!!!

    And Welcome to the skinny string side,

    Glenn |B)
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    Don't worry Jack a support pack has been dispatched to your location to support your transition to the correct path of life - that is stunning!
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    Congrats Jack!

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    I feel the same but oppisite just bought a used mim jazz bass. Lol
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    That is some funny s*it I tell you what. I was primarily a bass player for a long time. And I always enjoyed your involvement on the bass side of things. I had my share of nice EBMM basses but just never bonded with them which makes me sad. But, I play a lot of guitar these days and and the Axis Sport and Super Sport are everything to me so it's fun to see you on both sides of the street! It's a damned fine neighborhood over here. Enjoy.
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