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Thread: 2020 JP/Majesty Line

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    2020 JP/Majesty Line

    John Petrucci on Instagram: “Had fun today at @uaudio studios filming some new content for my 2020 @music_man guitars.”

    Saw this post and wanted to see if anyone else noticed. Looks like maybe new finishes for the Majesty, solid colors with maple shield? There also looks to be a JP7 BFR on a stand. Maybe a JP20? Hard to see anything clearly, but I figured others may have more info.

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    Awesome! Thanks for this, would love to see a new installment to the JP line.

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    Saw it too, a JPXX could be a safe bet..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy Tennessee View Post
    Maybe a JP20?
    Considering that the JPX was a model for experiment new things, I'd like to see a JP20 with new stuff too.

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    Don’t forget that this means 20th Anniversary for JP at EBMM! It’s got to be special

    20th Anniversary JP ideas?
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    I hope they do special inlay for the anniversary models. May I suggest a JP20 shield/emblem at the 12th fret with an otherwise clean board, like the NOMAC majesty. Pure class.
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