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Thread: Neck size of Cutlass compared to Stingray

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    Neck size of Cutlass compared to Stingray

    I owned a EBMM Stingray RS - and finally the offset drove me bonkers so I sold it.

    I loved the tremolo system, and the neck was tolerable. I had no problem setting it up to play incredibly well.

    I think the guitar I want is a cutlass SSS or HSS, but I just saw that it's a different neck profile, a V versus the asymmetrical. Of course I can't find any measurements on the neck thickness.

    Can anybody who has both, or knows the models well, tell me the differences in feel of these necks?

    Truth be told, I wish they'd make some bigger necks. The quality of the guitars is itself amazing.



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    The Stingray is a significantly rounder and beefier neck than a Cutlass. I can’t tell you specs, but the Cutlass just plays much “faster” to me, or at least to my small hands.

    My Cutlass is my main guitar and I recently sold my Stingray, which was an amazing guitar, just not the feel I like for my playing.

    those two models couldn’t be more different sonically. I’m such a single coil guy now, which is as shocking to me as anyone.

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    The thickness is about the same. My Cutlass has a slightly V shape by the headstock that’s transitions to a C down the neck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlbasscatcher View Post
    The thickness is about the same. My Cutlass has a slightly V shape by the headstock that’s transitions to a C down the neck.
    That hasn't been my experience.

    I'm real big on the StingRay. It's actually thick enough for me to play; I've struggled to find guitars that are meaty enough that they're comfortable.

    I tried out a Cutlass at Wildwood a couple months ago; I needed a second EBMM that had a close feel so I could swap out guitars during a show for tunings. So I figured I'd try the Cutlass. Totally different neck, very noticeably thinner for me. Only the StingRay works, so I got a second one.

    I now have two StingRays, both are about .96" - .97" at the 12th fret. Wildwood had a Kensrue StingRay that they measured at .97" that recently sold. The Cutlass they have at Wildwood right now is .90", which seems to be a typical range for these things. That's a significant difference.

    I'm historically an SG player; the Cutlass tends towards Gibson Slim Taper while the StingRay tends toward 50s Rounded on thickness. And the shape on the StingRay seems to be offset slightly the whole neck versus that V-C shape on the Cutlass.

    To the OPs point: neck shape and size are the #1 thing for me on guitars (so long as I can handle cosmetics). If you adapt to other necks well then you might still like the Cutlass. But it's not going to be the same as a StingRay.

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    I sold my Stingray but mine wasn’t any thicker but it did have that offset C shape that filled the hand more than the V on my Cutlass. My Stingray was one of the first non roasted models and my Cutlass is a BFR. Maybe they were a bit heavy handed on the sanding on one and not so much on the other???

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    I think the Kensrue Stingray is a little thicker. That's really appealing to me, but I don't dig the electronics.

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    FYI, my Cutlass measures .80" at the 1st fret, .90" at the 12th fret, identical to my Silhouette Special except for the V profile of the Cutlass, which transitions to a C profile by the 7th fret.
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    I don’t have the measurements, but having played (and owning several of each), I would have said the stingray had a thicker neck. I just held my two current ones back to back (starry night cutlass and vintage turquoise Stingray RS), and I believe the stingray’s thicker feel is due to more pronounced shoulders. This is true up and down the neck, whether the cutlass is in the V area or the C area.

    Edited to add: otherwise, I believe the depth of the necks to be pretty similar, if not identical.
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