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Thread: EBMM Majesty "cracking" neck

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    EBMM Majesty "cracking" neck

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I'm from Chile. I've got a Majesty 7 glacial frost plays like a charm... however, I found out guitar started cracking under the nut, both from bass and treble side of it. This might have happened no more than 2 days ago. The guitar has never been dropped, banged, etc, although it plays normal, stays in tune (even with trem abuse). It's a hairline cracking, but can't figure out if it's a finish crack or a wood fracture, It`s very thin I can't see space in-between, neither see movement when pulling the trem, but I can feel it when I touch it with my finger tip. I bought the guitar second hand 4 months ago, of course I inspected well before purchase, this happened in these days. It's been ver hot and dry weather here, but I stored the guitar in a cool place at home, that's the only explanation maybe but no sure a guitar at this level could crack, I have 1/3 price of the majesty guitars with no issues whatsoever. I'm worried since I live in Chile I can't do anything, I sent email with pictures to customer service just to know what they say with no response yet. What do you guys think? let me know.

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    The stress lines look like they were caused by the headstock being bent backwards, probably in shipping.

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    They said that they got it 4 months ago though, and this appeared 2 days ago. This isn't a light amount of cracking either. This really looks like a guitar that took a fall onto the headstock.
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    Do you have any roommates that may have knocked it over and put it back? Does the headstock show any chips or signs of a fall?
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    Have seen it before, on the forum here as well.

    The owner was under guarantee and the factory replaced the guitar with a new one.

    I highly doubt it happened due to fall etc. It was most likely bound to happen. I also think it's a wood issue that exhibits itself on the finish. It's pretty much a classic issue.

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    Sorry about that man. The very same thing happened to my Majesty. Check out this link on the forums and scroll down to look at my pictures:
    Neck defect - anyone seen this?

    About them not replying to your emails. Again, same thing happened to me and I don't know why. I was getting pretty frustrated with them. You have to pick up the phone man, ask for Joel, he will take care of you. Also, you can contact Daniel "" as I found out he replies (Thanks Daniel). I had to send it back. For me, I guess it was just a crack in the paint as they have repainted and polished the area and so far the cracks aren't back (yet! but maybe after the warranty expires haha).
    Sucks that you will have to shell out an extra 100-200 dollars for shipping on an already expensive instrument. Good luck and keep us posted with updates

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    No good, obviously. No way to say for what that crack is from. But, as others have pointed out, is there any other damage (nicks, dings) on the head stock? Did someone sit on it? That area from where the crack is emanating would be a natural weak spot.

    I was the original poster of the thread that was referred to above. That crack was in a very different location, an area which is not highly loaded, way down in a thicker part of the neck.

    From a failure analysis standpoint, I wouldn't assume that this nut crack in the white guitar and the crack in my guitar are related because the locations and directions of the crack are very different. Not saying they couldn't be the same (wood defect) but they mechanically look different.

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