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Thread: what pots does my Silo '93 HSH have?

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    what pots does my Silo '93 HSH have?

    500K or 250K

    I think the guitar could be a tad brighter with those pickups and wood, so my ears tell me that it is equipped with 250k pots.

    does anyone know for sure? has anyone performed a pot swap? impressions?

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    bump, anyone that can help?

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    The current model Silo's come with this:

    Controls 250kohm volume and tone - .047F tone capacitor

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    You could send customer service and email and they should be able to tell you what pots were in a 93.

    Good luck, Glenn |B)
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    Somewhat unrelated, but I was searching for older/90s MM electronics for a possible Bass purchase, and they were CTS as expected. But those were US Made back then. Nothing has technically changed, but CTS is made in Taiwan these days. So umm.. just get CTS.

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    For the record, EBMM replied to my message.

    250K were also used back in the day. Weird choice. Probably to accomodate the HSS configuration not to have too bright neck sounds.

    I think the HSH should be with 500K. I am switching mine to see what I like the best. When I went from 300K to 500K on my Gibson the difference was glorious. A blanked was lifted off the guitar.

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    Of course you can also do the middle ground; 250kΩ volume and 500kΩ tone. (It makes no difference tonally which way around you put them, though there is more noticeable treble loss if the 500kΩ pot is used for volume and you roll it down).
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    I swapped both for 500K. Couldn't be happier. The guitar breathes better now.

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