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Thread: Silo Special Appreciation Day

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    Silo Special Appreciation Day

    I've been gassing for a specific maker boutique guitar (name withheld) for decades. There's a used HSS one for sale that I can actually afford, though it still ain't cheap.


    I bought a Silo Special about 5 or so years ago and have gotten very, very attached to it. To the point where I don't feel the need to get another HSS, at all.

    The one that's for sale is a beaut and I'm sure it sounds and plays wonderfully. But MusicMan makes some fantastic guitars. Kudos!
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    I too fell in love with my Silo Special when I got it used in 2011. My old strat that I gigged with for nearly a decade was immediatley retired and I don't think I ever even compared the two guitars side-by-side. The Silo Special took over that completely that quickly!

    Since then I've added another HSS in the form of a Cutlass RS. I really wanted another Silhouette but the roasted maple neck and stainless frets were too good to pass up. I have DiMarzio are single coils in the Silhouette Special, which are brighter than Cutlass and I love both equally for their own unique feel and vibe.

    My next guitar will not be HSS though. I'm pretty sure of that!
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    Same experience with my Strat. Barely play it anymore. When I do it’s because that’s my only ax with a maple board and all singles. But the Special is my go to in a very big way.

    My other MM is a ‘94 Silhouette hardtail. Got it used. Custom order. Translucent butterscotch with a Tele style pickguard. Barden’s Danny Gatton pickups. Wonderful guitar.

    Got my curiosity up on that Cutlass. I’ll check them out.
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