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Thread: Is the Majesty 2019 Glossed Neck Good?

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    Is the Majesty 2019 Glossed Neck Good?

    Hi guys, im currently trying to decide which majesty to buy.
    I really like the 2019 ones, but im not sure if the gloss neck will put me off.
    I hate the thick gloss on some Gibsons, and now im wondering if its the same with the new Majesty models.
    Does anyone get annoyed with this on the new Majesty?
    Thanks in advance!

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    The back of the Majesty neck is not really glossy. It's painted, but it has some satin feel. It doesn't feel like oiled wood (like the first JP6), but it definitely doesn't feel much glossy.

    The only way to see if it annoys you is trying one.

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    Yeah it's such a personal decision for that. I purchased a 2019 Majesty that I ended up exchanging for a JP15. The painted neck didn't jive with me though I preferred the slightly wider neck to the JP15. I also prefer the satin body finish on the 15. See if you can get your hands on one.

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    i tried a 2019 majesty at my local guitar store and i didn't really like it.

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    Having owned gloss nitro, gloss polyester, gloss polyurethane, satin poly urethane, bare rosewood, oiled maple, and oiled mahogany, I honestly don't see what the issue is. Proper hand position usually has your thumb on the back of the neck, so why is the neck finish so important? I find that fretboard material finish is MUCH more important to me. I can't stand gloss maple fretboards. Anything else is fine.

    Also, neck SHAPE is a make or break thing for me. Too thin = no bueno.
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    To begin, I personally do not like glossy necks because they have that sticky feel.
    I really like the oil/wax finish MM uses and the satin finish on the back of their BFR roasted necks.
    That said, Iíve done some buying, selling and trade deals in the last few years and have ended up with a nice variety of MMís in my stable. One is a Koa LIII HSS with a glossy finish on the back of the neck. Itís not as slick as the oil/wax finish but it honestly doesnít bother me at all. It doesnít have that sticky feeling like the glossy finish Iíve played in the past.
    I havenít played a Majesty with the gloss neck but it should be the same finish as my LIII.

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    Except for the JP6, JP15 and JP16 all other JPs have painted glossy necks. All majesties have painted necks. Only the 2019 line has a glossy finish. So apperantly JP has no problems with painted necks. And now be honest. Is the the presence of the neck paint really changing someones overall abilities of guitar playing here? Regards, J
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    I tried one today, the neck isn't like Gibson's at all. It was essentially the exact same as my BFR's neck so not hard to play at all. What I will say is like all gloss/painted or finished necks you might have trouble if you sweat a lot. Other then then that the necks awesome but it's definitely a personal decision on whether you'd like it or not.

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