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Thread: Petrucci JP6 Fret question.

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    Petrucci JP6 Fret question.

    Hey everyone. I have a 2017 JP6. Bare bones model, no Piezo, etc... Does anyone know if this model has Stainless Steel frets? I Googled around but couldn’t find any info.


    Petrucci JP6 Fret question.-6a636a76-2573-474c-a537-3ce6b589db4d-jpg
    Petrucci JP6 Fret question.-088ff0b6-cec1-4984-8a1e-b0c1a70c596a-jpg
    Petrucci JP6 Fret question.-4506c461-d176-42fd-a3e1-f748a5eb51f7-jpg
    Petrucci JP6 Fret question.-fe30c8f6-2002-44bb-9ef6-03a4d1b61859-jpg
    Petrucci JP6 Fret question.-3e2bc054-1bbf-4b65-a815-4831c9b77ad7-jpg

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    Yes, that would have stainless frets. The change happened in 2012-13, a few years before your guitar was made.
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    Stainless steel frets debuted with the JPXI in January 2011, and later became standard on all JP models ordered since January 2012. Your 2017 surely has SS frets.

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