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Thread: JP 15 - broken switch

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    JP 15 - broken switch

    Dear forumites ,
    As above - need the replacement 3 pos switch . The original one stuck in bridge position , tried all sort of magic but nothing is happening ...
    The guitar belongs to my friend , its LE Blueburst JP 15 , bought used , so no warranty whatsoever .
    Will the regular 4PDT switch do the trick ?
    Thanks for any info
    Ex-guitar player .

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    The easiest way to go is to get the one from MM- it's soldered onto a PCB with solder pads for the pickup leads. It'll be simpler than wiring up a regular 4PDT.

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    You can get the exact switch you need over at Dubaldo Music. DuBaldoMusic | Shop Musical Instruments and Equipment

    JP6 Pearl Red.
    JP6 BFR Bahama Blue.

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    Thanks guys , checked Pete’s shop before starting this thread - they have only black and gold ones , minę is silver/nickel . I was looking for a quick solution cause this particular JP is my friend’s main axe and he’s in the middle of the recording session .... As for now the CS is my obvious choice , will wait till monday .
    Nathan or Jacob will help for sure .
    Ex-guitar player .

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    We have the silver toggle in stock. They are compatible with the jp15

    Replacement 4PDT 3-way Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci JP toggle switch
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