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Thread: December 2019 BFRs

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    I think Atomic Orange is my new favorite color. If you make a Petrucci, Luke or Cutlass in that color, I will be powerless to resist!
    Luke 2 Graphite Pearl MH
    Luke 2 Lime Gold
    Luke 2 BFR True Gold Rosewood
    JP6 Dragon's Blood Quilt
    JP6 White Pearl MH
    JP6 PDN Starry Night MH
    Stingray Short Scale Bass Starry Night
    Cutlass PDN Starry Night MH
    Cutlass Ghostwood
    Cutlass Black
    Valentine Saturn Gold
    Albert Lee BFR Sea Foam Sparkle MH

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    I LOVE the black binding on the Cutlass.

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    I was at a Guitar Center today. They had one of the Cutlass BFRs and it was super cool in person. I liked the texture on the finish too.

    Unfortunately even though it's in their amp/expensive guitar room room and locked up, it had a huge chunk taken out of the headstock. Pretty obvious since it has a matching face as the body.

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    I played the JP15 earlier today. Unbelievably beautiful, ACHINGLY beautiful and plays like a dream of course.

    On the fence if to acquire... I can barely imagine a guitar being more beautiful, but I like the way Majesty’s play slightly more, and at this price point that .2% difference in playability weighs on the mind a lot.

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    I saw the StingRay in person today. I really like orange, I really like flashy finishes. But it reflects so much light that I think it may classify as a star. Glad it's too flashy for me, keeps me from buying it.

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